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Realize your dream and find your dream propriety in one of the most fascinating regions of Italy rich in history.

The Marches have always been the quiet region, with a still landscape where time seems to stand still, among the vast green hills and the history that is breathed in every town.

For this reason, buying a house in Le Marche it becomes for many an opportunity to escape from the city, or why not, the opportunity to change their lives.

To realize the dream of having a propriety of among the hills, you have to rely on from the beginning to a reliable partner, who can guide you in the selection and purchase of the house.

Buying a house in Le Marche

Guide to buying your dream home in the Marche region

We know that sometimes buying a property in Italy can seem rather complicated, since we don't know the Italian bureaucracy and the steps to follow. That's why thanks to Houses & Hills and the "Turnkey" formula the purchase process will be easy and safe.

Definition of sales using the "keys in hand" formula

The term "Turnkey" indicates the commitment of Houses & Hills, to sell you the chosen property after having restructured it or even transformed it from a ruin into a luxury farmhouse, complete and ready to be lived in without you suffering stress and concerns that would arise in finding all the professionals who have to deal with administrative practices, as well as researching the various companies for work.

From the moment you have chosen the building on which to work, you will no longer have to worry about anything, it will think of everything Houses & Hills.

The advantages in choosing this type of intervention consist of:

  • to first know the final and fixed purchase price;
  • in having secured the time of delivery of your home;
  • in being able to choose between some design proposals that suit your tastes and that meets your needs;
  • no thoughts until we deliver your "dream of the Marche".

The House of your dreams will be shown to you starting from the state in which it is poured, accompanied by the architectural project illustrated in all its parts, including the price and the relative timing of transformation.

First steps to buy a house

First you will have to get the tax code, to be requested in your country of origin at the Embassy, ​​the Italian Consulate or at the Inland Revenue; you must have a passport for identification.

You will need the tax code to:

  • open a bank account in Italy;
  • sign the purchase contract;
  • in general, to have relations with the Public Administration.

The preliminary contract

When you have identified among your proposals your dream home you will be subjected to a preliminary sale contract in which the characteristics of the property will be defined, the methods of carrying out the project, the schedule with the times of the work to be performed and the agreement indicated.

At the signing of the Contract you will pay about 30% of the price, as a deposit and deposit in the event of your withdrawal from the agreement; the remaining sum will have to be paid in the agreed sequence.

At the same time, a Notary will be appointed (an independent legal body that prepares and coordinates the deeds) which will follow you and guarantee respect for the purchase; the Notary will also provide you with his expense report and the fees for the Deed to be paid when it is made.

The deed of sale - "Rogito"

The "Rogito" is the act with which the house of your dreams is transferred to you; the deed is signed at the office of the Notary who is responsible for carrying it out with due diligence by acting correctly for both parties.

When you have done your checks and the Notary considers that everything is clear enough for you, you will proceed to pay the final balance shown by the Notary. This requires you to present a valid identification document and your Italian fiscal code. The Notary will issue a copy of the deed and present the copies to the Tax Office and the Catasto.

Once the Deed is received, you will receive the keys to your new Italian property.